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Welcome to Studio E!

Hello and welcome to Studio E! I'm Emily, a dancer, mummy and business owner and I am so excited to share our wonderful new space with you.

As someone who lives and breathes dance, I could not pass the opportunity to take on a space that could house the diverse, creative community Oakham boasts.

Whilst also running my dance school, The Emily Redding Dance Academy, lots of thought went into planning the best usable space. Getting the keys on the 1st May 2019 was a bittersweet moment, as on the same day I lost a close member of my family. However, that also became another driving force to create something really special. In only a few months, we have managed to expand the smaller studio, level the floor, refurbish the reception area, install a water fountain and re-decorate the changing rooms. ‘Do-It-Yourself’ has really taken on a new meaning – with my husband spending his summer holidays fitting the floor, my dance academy running a successful fundraising event and lots of extra help from friends to paint! It is not yet finished but it is already a space we can be very proud of.

Studio E stands for Expression, Exercise and Entertainment. I hope you are able to enjoy the space in at least one of those ways.